“ The Maestro’s baton makes no sound – but it creates the exact space in which the sound can exist, and can become meaningful.”

The Maestro Program of orchestra conductor Itay Talgam were founded on the belief that, in an orchestra and in the work place, music has the power to create community and reinforce shared values. Music making embodies knowledge and innovation, individual effort and collective achievement, and offers a work environment that is full of opportunities for excellence and self-actualization – same as any successful organization.
Itay Talgam developed a program that became much more then just a business talk. Clients say it is the quality of the dialogue that Talgam creates that allows individuals and whole groups to explore, question, learn and be inspired together.

Following the ongoing success of the The Maestro Program, we are happy to announce the upcoming release of Itay Talgam’s first book:

The Ignorant Maestro
How Great Leaders Inspire Unpredictable Briliance

In his lectures (including an acclaimed TED talk) and now in this book, Talgam shows why imposing your vision on your people is likely to backfire. Great conductors may know in advance how they want a piece to be played, but they make room for the creativity and passion of their musicians. They respect the gap between the baton and the instruments.  They focus more on listening than on speaking. And they embrace their own ignorance, knowing that others might have better ideas than the conductor can imagine.

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Published by Penguin Random House